Traffic Matters: Improper Equipment

In North Carolina, besides a dismissal, Improper Equipment is a positive outcome for a person charged with speeding. This is because Improper Equipment is a ZERO point non-moving offense in North Carolina, meaning it won’t raise your insurance premiums, and you will receive no driver license points if you are a North Carolina driver. For more information regarding the North Carolina insurance point system, see: North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan.

However, in some North Carolina counties/districts, Improper Equipment pleas will only be allowed when the defendant has a clean driving record, and/or if the defendant was not speeding excessively. Additionally, when a defendant receives Improper Equipment in any county in North Carolina, there is a $50.00 fee assessed, which is additional to any Court costs and fines.

Each North Carolina county/district often handles Improper Equipment differently, and some will not accept Improper Equipment pleas. Therefore, it is helpful to hire a local traffic attorney that practices in the county in which you received your speeding ticket.

Carla Gray is a North Carolina lawyer and sole practitioner of her law firm, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She practices traffic law in Orange and Chatham counties. Please remember the disclaimer below, which states that this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.