Tickets and Insurance Increases

When written a ticket, many of us immediately think, what will this ticket do to my insurance rates?

If you’re a North Carolina driver, the first place to look is the Safe Driver Incentive Plan (click here) in order to determine what your rate increases will be if you were to pay your ticket off, or are otherwise convicted of the offense. Note that the Safe Driver Incentive Plan does not apply to out of state drivers. Once you take a look at this list, you’ll might determine that simply paying off your North Carolina traffic ticket can result in hefty financial consequences. For example, according to the Safe Driver Incentive Plan, a conviction of speeding in excess of 75 mph, when the speed limit is less than 70 mph, has to the potential to raise insurance rates by 80%.

It is also important to know that if your ticket does not give you an option to pay, this is considered a more serious traffic ticket that requires a court appearance. To determine the best course of action for your ticket, you should contact a North Carolina traffic lawyer that practices in the county in which you were charged.

Carla Gray is a North Carolina lawyer and sole practitioner of her law firm, located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She practices traffic law in Orange and Chatham counties. Please remember the disclaimer below, which states that this blog is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.